Oct 022013

Shutdown, blah blah.

The whole web is full of dumbass articles with screenshots of federal agency websites like this:

Due to the US government shutdown, this website has died.

I’m not an expert, but I know a thing or two about websites. For example, I know these bastards don’t rent server space by the day.

I mean, come on! One day without a budget and they can’t leave their fucking websites up? Is this some kind of joke, or are federal government agencies so shite they can’t keep a website running for ONE FUCKING DAY without a budget being passed?

And these are the people who run the free world. Jesus wept.

  5 Responses to “The United States federal government is a stupid asshole”

  1. It’s just typical for the guys in the government: a Game of Stones.

  2. Yeah, I’d noticed all those “these websites aren’t available” screenshots and had the same thoughts. Well, come on, if those notices weren’t posted how would those responsible make the general public aware of how necessary they are?

  3. And the fact that they have a page up means the the Government is still paying for the hosting, so where’s the saving meant to be?

    Welcome back, BTW, your regular presence is sorely missed.

  4. I run a bunch of web sites. There’s stuff that needs doing to one or another of them, pretty much every day. If those web sites allow comments, then someone has to be there to remove any that violate the law. If there’s a way to get technical support, then someone has to be there to give it. If anything on the web site is found to be seriously in error (for example, giving the wrong advice) then it has to be correected

    The problem these people had, is that funding was cut, and they can’t know when it will come back. Or even if it ever will! So, there’s a last day on which your technical people get paid to come into work, and after that day, no more techies. It makes sense to me that the management would tell the techies, on that last day, “Put up a closed notice”.

    Yes, the US government are dickheads for getting themselves into this mess.

    And they don’t run the free world.

  5. On the surface, I agree.

    But perhaps they do have a point, the point is they don’t know how long they’re going to be off for, and unattented bit rot will start to set in, from servers crashing, databases and disks filling up to hardware failures things will start to fail, as well as patching and all that stuff.

    Also add to that human interventions, for example now would be a good time to start a Denial of service attack which often need human intervention to prevent.

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