Jan 172013

…comes from Heresy Corner’s latest, ‘Screwed by the state‘:

You’d think, though, looking at it from the outside (as I do) that the actual fucking police literally fucking duped activists and then using an obscure legal procedure to deny their victims open justice would interest people who call themselves radical and progressive rather more than a throwaway remark made by one self-identified feminist journalist, or even the genuinely offensive comments made by another high-profile feminist journalist a few days later in her defence, which is at the end of the day just words. You’d think so.

  2 Responses to “Quote of the decade”

  1. Mmmm, I take the point, but I’m not all that keen on the ‘He told me he was someone else just to get me into bed and I want compo!’ approach of these idiots.

    Even less keen on his ‘The Met made me fall in love with these women and I want compo!’ tack, mind!

  2. You read that stuff? Spend the time on the 50 list.

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