May 092009

Further to my previous post about the Sun’s campaign against the M&S ‘boob tax,’ i have discovered a new website:

For a moment, I was delighted – until I discovered that the reason ‘Harriet Harman sucks’ is because she ‘hates men.’

Oh, the poor men! They live (on average) shorter lives, are more likely (on average) to commit suicide, get conscripted into the trenches, and have to suffer under the hideous cultural burden of being providers and caretakers of the family!

Allow me to offer up this (unfortunately untenable) bargain to the gents at, and to any other men out there who think it’s all beer and skittles being a woman: switch places with one of us for a day. I’ll even be generous and let you switch with a Western woman, instead of one of the many down-trodden of the Third World. Then you’ll discover just how lovely it is (what with our living longer and not topping ourselves and not providing for the family) to do things like menstruate, give birth, endure the menopause, have every bad mood or irritable moment ascribed to PMT, be deliberately wound up and then called ‘shrill,’ represent irrationality personified, and suffer the indignity of losing one’s husband in middle age to a younger model.

kthx. Nobody has it that great – men or women – so let’s not whinge on and on about how unfair things are. Life is what it is. Harman goes overboard: at this stage, women are not merchant bankers not because of sexism generally, but because most of them don’t want to be. But men: your shorter life span is a result of the cultural role you assume. If you want to live longer, quit the stressful job of, largely, running the world.

Can we please agree that attempting to treat women as human beings does not discriminate against men, whilst also agreeing that Harriet Harman sucks? I’m sure such an accord would mark the tentative beginnings of a pleasant human experience.

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  2. Come on, Bella. I think we can all agree that Harriet Harman sucks. I also think it would be naive in the extreme to think that the dreadful harpy has not, in point of pact, imbibed the Leftist cant that much that is ill in society stems from the laundry list of Womyns Studies arcana: the Patriarchy, the Phallocracy, the marriage-is-legalised-rape nonsense. What are we to make of her current hobby-horse, the Equalities Bill? This is an attempt to gerrymander (gendermander?) the representation of women/minorities in the workforce by fiat. This is not a stance that someone unexposed to the more swivel-eyed positions of gender feminism could hold. It is a priori certain that Harriet Harman has to be, to be who she is, a fully paid-up member of the She-Woman Man-Haters Club. Trying to carry off that level of cognitive dissonance for any length of time would be like a Scottish Presbyterian tax-and-spender trying to front himself as a safe pair of hands. You’d go loopy.

    No-one today with an examined conscience is anything other than an Equality Feminist; I count myself proudly among such numbers. I don’t think Harman has the intellectual core, the brains, or general temperament to not be a Gender Feminist.

  3. Well, with all due respect, just picking up on one thing there, it wasn’t men who decided to blame every bad mood or irritable moment on PMT. It was women who declared that bad moods are due to PMT and thus somehow above reproach. It was women who dragged their menses into the public eye, so to speak. PMT is basically the argument that “When I’m nasty, it’s not my fault, it’s my hormones”. That’s hardly a good basis from which to be taken seriously, is it? You can’t have it both ways.

    I’m also a bit perplexed at how it’s a bad thing for women that women aren’t driven to suicide at the same rate as men are. “Men have all the fun, that’s why they kill themselves at such a high rate” is a very strange argument indeed.

  4. “There are plenty of male MPs who support her nonsense – would you call them man-haters?”

    No, at least not subjectively. But one can arrive at the same point via different trajectories. Given all that we know about Harman, to me it is implausible, to say the least, that she has not had her politics informed by anti-male bias. I’m just not prepared to say that she is acting in good faith.

  5. I’m female too, and I hate saying this, but… your complaint basically boils down to ‘bad manners’. Your period or menopause is not big deal, use the correct drugs and most of the problems will go away. And sometimes, life is a bit uncomfortable, but, the world around you doesn’t need or want to know, no need to be ‘democratic’ about it, mkay?

    Likewise, if your man does a runner in middle age, well, girl, you weren’t sold into marriage but picked the hero in question yourself, so… either pick more careful in future (there are great men out there!) or be careful not to put him off — if he stuck it with you for 20 years and then fleas into the arms of a bimbo, wtf were you two doing to (or against?) each other all this time? And what kind of man did you pick who has a need for this kind of tragic-comic midlife crisis?

    Harman did great damage to the British culture of fairness — her stupid discrimination bill is the end of equality, it will sow nothing but suspicion amongst us.


    How do you know the employee your dealing with isn’t a token female/BME employee? Now you have a real reason to look out for a white male instead — you know he is probably above average because he has the job, he made it against the discriminatory odds, so, you know he has to be exceptional.

    If you get a (say) black women assigned to an important job you need doing, you now have no way of knowing how good she really is or if she is just there to make up the quota, and if you pay serious money for the job this person is supposed to do for you or your life is riding on it — will you be happy to take a chance?

  6. Harriet Harman, Is one of the most dangerous people in Britain today. Her ill conceived notions on the sex trade are based on her own perceptions and prejudices in relation male power. To the point that she believes that she is required to control the men in government in the form of some kind of dominatrix. Her attitude and lack of knowledge and insight has brought me to the conclusion that she has a serious case of penis envy. Her posturing and attitude also points to a typical S and M trait in which she would take the dominant role.
    Her anti masculinism goes to the point o having her children take her maiden name even though she is married which makes a mockery of the institution and she a hypocrite. I would have more respect if she were not married and just decided to have a contract with her partner which would show her true feelings of the meaning of marriage. But then again hypocrisy is an easy route to follow, especially when you are in government. On a serious note, I would suggest that Ms Harman be removed from government as soon as possible as her anti masculine attitude will lead to the deaths of many a working girl in this country.
    On a lighter note, due to her decent into anti masculinism. Unfortunately Ms Harman cannot be considered as a feminist but a sexist and from this day forth she will be known by me as Gimpenfuhrer Harmony Whiplash



  7. @ David Gillies – well quite. I’ve said it before: rights are for people, not ‘protected’ groups, and they must apply to everyone. You’ll find no argument from me on that. But the fact that Harman believes differently does not make her ‘a fully paid-up member of the She-Woman Man-Haters Club’. It makes her an authoritarian social engineer, sure, and one who shouldn’t be entrusted with the proverbial whelk stall let alone government policy, but not necessarily a man-hater. There are plenty of male MPs who support her nonsense – would you call them man-haters?

  8. @ Ian B – Well, I learn something new every day. Naturally every time a man says rudely, ‘Ooh, must be your time of the month, then!’ this is all my own fault, and thanks to the declaration of women in bygone generations, I should not expect to be taken seriously ever.

    I also did not say it was a bad thing that women commit suicide less often; I rather think I implied it was a good thing, in conjunction with living longer and suffering a smaller stress burden. It is apparently the case that women attempt suicide more often than men, so I wonder how that tallies in the Great Grievances Competition.

    My argument, and perhaps it is not put as well as it could be though I wouldn’t call it strange, is that (a) it would be nice if certain men would stop whinging about ‘man-haters’ and ‘anti-men discrimination’ when any idiot can see that being man is generally a pretty good deal, and (b) special pleading by men isn’t really a good strategy if their goal is to stop special pleading by women.

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