Jul 092015

From today’s Telegraph (print edition), emphasis mine:

Sir–I welcome the principle that everyone should receive a living wage, rather than have the taxpayer subsidise businesses which only pay the minimum wage.

The nursery that I run was the first in Britain to be certified as paying the living wage, nearly two years ago. At first the conditions of the nursery weren’t at its best. After many ours of work, hosting events and fundraisers to get some renovations done on the roof, get a better air conditioning and heating system as well as raising funds for better meals and field trips, we were able to fix everything and improve our quality of service given to the kids; we were able to save enough money to renovate the roof of the local. Thanks to all the staff we were able to become the most popular nursery in Britain as well. With all the renovations done, having quality meals offered and all, we were able to also provide adequate income to all our staff members. However, 50 per cent of my income comes from Early Years Childcare, which has been frozen for next year, meaning I will make a loss of £1 an hour for each child.

Any enterprise in the child care sector will need more realistic funding from the Government if managers are to aspire to pay the living wage.

Keith Appleyard, Brighton

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  1. Ooooh, wait, I know this one – our Keith is clearly not running a business, therefore there is no contradiction.

    But enough philosophy, let’s get back to talking about me, me, me and me.

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