Feb 022009

From the Telegraph, I see that Gordon Brown, our monocular prime minister, is trying to weasel out of his pledge of ‘British jobs for British workers.’ It was a stupid thing to say, considering the free movement of labour that is about the only benefit of the UK’s membership in the EU, and now there have been strikes over some Italians taking the fabled ‘British jobs.’

Fair enough; I’d probably weasel too.

But then, when asked his view on possible sympathy strikes, he burbled this:

“That that’s not the right thing to do and it’s not defensible,” he replied. “What we’ve set up as a process to deal with the questions that people have been asking about what has happened in this particular instance.”

That’s not even a sentence.

He went on: “When I talked about British jobs, I was taking about giving people in Britain the skills, so that they have the ability to get jobs which were at present going to people from abroad and actually encouraging people to take up the courses and the education and learning that is necessary for British workers to be far more skilled for the future.”

He wants people in Britain to have the skillz. Hurrah. But his loquacity (can I call it that, or is the choice of word almost too kind?) is awe-inspiring. The education and the learning. Well done. Skillz – learnin’, you know – for British workers to be more skilled.

Wouldn’t it have been vastly easier, and consumed less precious oxygen, for him to say, ‘I didn’t mean jobs. I meant skills. You know. British skills for British workers. QED. Now fuck off, I’m busy.’? Clearly, sensible, concise elegance is too much to ask for from somebody who makes his living by his silver tongue. The twat.