Aug 232011


The Free Dictionary: n. The money invoiced by a business enterprise in exchange for providing goods or services; the money paid to an investor from the profits of a business enterprise.

The Progressive Dictionary: n. Tax.


The Free Dictionary: n. A compulsory fee levied by a government.

The Progressive Dictionary: n. Revenue; the money paid to the government by its residents in exchange for the promise of a civilised society.

  2 Responses to “The Progressive Dictionary: 4”

  1. A compulsory fee levied by a government.

    surely ‘A compulsory fee extorted by a government.

    • Well, not really. In the free society the government listens to the voters, and the voters agree that everyone who wants to live in the territory under the control of their government pays the compulsory fee. If the voters are all anarchists then there is no fee. If the voters are socialists then the fee may be higher. Of course, in an ideal free society anyone can choose to leave and actually have somewhere to go or even remove their land from the control of that government.

      That said, the progressive definition should definitely be “the money extorted by the government from its residents…”

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