Aug 202009

Dick Morris on Fox News:

The Democratic Party is composed of building blocks, interest groups. Republicans aren’t. They’re just a group of people who think the same on issues. But Democrats are blacks, plus Hispanics, plus women, plus young people, plus labor unions, plus the elderly. And when one of those blocks turns against what the Democrats are doing, the party gets scared to death.

Ha! Ahahaha!

Democrats = interest groups consisting of blacks, Hispanics, women, young people, old people, and labour unions.

Republicans = a group of people who think the same on issues. But who are neither black, Hispanic, women, young people, old people, or labour unionists. Which leaves middle-aged, white, white-collar men.

‘Cause that’s not a building block or interest group at all. Just a group of people who think the same on issues.

[bella goes away, shaking head in bemusement]

  2 Responses to “Who’s who in America”

  1. Perhaps “crazy quilt” (emphasizing one of those two words) would have been a bit better.

    But I appreciate his point: the Democrat Party is not a building held together in any way (except believing if “government” pays for it, it is therefore “free”), it is a pile of blocks put together by a three-year-old.

    Pity Republican Party has never managed to pull away one or more of those blocks. OTOH, between this Congress and the current Administration, some of those bloc[k]s are being pushed out rather than being pulled away. Can Rs catch them? We’ll see.

  2. “I am always part of a progressive movement; you are always part of a dangerous faction.”

    Congratulations by the way Bella. Devil is a lucky man.

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