May 292009

ZOMG, it’s like Israel is Darth Vader and the US is Emperor Palpatine! Only not at the beginning, when he was our loyal slave, but at the end, when the disloyal fucker is about to stab us in the back.

Actually, that’s not a metaphor that works well at all. But goodness – I really, really, truly thought Hillary and Barack would be uniters, not dividers, and that once they put their totally reasonable arguments to the Israelis and the Palestineans, everybody would see that carrying on fighting was really silly and settle down for a shared meal of milk and honey.

I feel so… disillusioned…

  One Response to “Wha…?”

  1. Changing – by returnng to past ignominy. Few of us here remember why when in 1967 the Israeli Air Force did so well, it was using French jets: not so much because they were so good or even relatively cheap, but because the US like the USSR had an arms embargo in place against Israel.

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