Jun 252011

Hands up all who agree with me that Akismet is the best comment-spam trapper ever. I wouldn’t even have pegged this as spam without interrogating the email address:

What a load of liberal claptrap! The reason economy has problems is because of the liberal elite Clinton machine turning an open, freedom loving market economy into a communist/socialist give away society that panders to the lay about, self-indulgent mongrols of lower humanity. I say get a job you bums! And leave the complexities of high finance to your superiors.

I guess I fail the Turing test.

  2 Responses to “Spammers get sophisticated”

  1. Just after I read this I had an ingenious one too. It *almost* had me fooled.

  2. My creepiest one was one purporting to be from a guy who had been kidnapped in Russia and was being forced to post links to porn sights on pain of death. Very imaginative.

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