Nov 192009

There seems to be an awful lot in the news at the moment about the war in Afghanistan, along with the usual will-we-or-won’t-we tussle over Iran’s wanting to arm itself.

But there’s very little about the war in Iraq. Is the war in Iraq over? Did we win, and Iraq is as I type approaching peace, if not well-oiled then at least functional? Or did we lose, and the long dark night of tribal civil war has descended on Mesopotamia?

Either way, why isn’t anybody talking about it?

And if the war isn’t, in fact, over – why isn’t anybody talking about it?

  One Response to “War question”

  1. The Brits bravely slunk away from Iraq last year, and now that poor country only rates headlines if another street market or contractor hotel gets blown up.

    Old news! Old news! Move on! Move on! Ignore the man behind the curtain! Don’t ask the goldfish media (or the bloody-handed politicians) to investigate the bad faith, venality and murderous high-handedness of those who took us into a war that is now just sooooo 2003.

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