Aug 182011

Hey everybody.

Even if you were inclined to vote for me, DON’T. For I see via Dick Puddlecote, this:

3. Only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents and based on UK politics are eligible. However, this does not mean blogs hosted outside the UK, or blogs with contributors who don’t live in the UK aren’t eligible.

I am not a UK resident. So don’t vote for me, or your ballot might be disqualified. Okay?

Fuck me, even fucking bullshit popularity polls appear to be run by the fascist anti-foreigner Home Office.

  6 Responses to “Total Politics 2011 Blog Awards”

  1. You sound like someone who’s visited Lunar House.

    (the bastards burnt down the wrong place in Croydon)

  2. What do they mean by ‘based in the UK’? Do they mean ‘hosted’?

    And how do they expect the average blog reader to know where their favourite blogs are hosted?

    • Ah, it seems that foxed a lot of people. Over at Anna Raccoon’s site, Sadbutmadlad got a reply from them as follows:

      ““The phrase ‘only blogs based in the UK, run by UK residents and based
      on UK politics are eligible’ in the rules for the Total Politics blog
      awards is there to make it clear that blogs that cover the politics of
      other nations are not eligible in this poll. However, it does not refer
      to the geographical location of a site’s hosting
      . As long as a blog is
      about UK politics, it’s eligible for the awards.””

  3. It is not just you furreners, you also can’t select for ‘English’ blogs in the categories. Wales, NI, Scotland all there, but no English.

    I suppose they think they just go straight in under ‘Right Wing’

    I sent an email to Total Politics asking why, but no response as yet.

  4. They can stick their poll up their arse.

  5. Are you not? HMRC says you are a UK resident if you are in the UK for 183 days in a tax year, or 91 days per year over 4 tax years.

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