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I know Mr E said he was sick of hearing about it (sorry, dude), but since Nick Griffin’s forthcoming appearance is all over the internet, and my feed reader, and the newspapers, I feel compelled to write about it again, mainly because I suspect I don’t really understand the furore.

If you read this blog often, you’ll be aware that I’m one of them durty furriners, who despite years of ridicule and reminders, is still not fully emBritified.

And what I don’t understand, perhaps, is the significance of Question Time.

The BNP have been on the news, and on news commentary programs, even on the BBC, loads of times. Nick Griffin, as party leader and then as a candidate and now as an MEP, presumably goes to public meetings where regular people get to ask him about his views. He certainly gets plenty of interaction with the public in the form of protesters hurling abuse (and eggs) at his creepy face. His views, and those of his party, have been outlined and discussed and debated in newspapers. The BNP have a website detailing their policies. This man and his party have never not been given ‘a platform.’

So what’s the big deal about Question Time? It’s just another news program, right?

I mean, having Nick Griffin on the program is not exactly like pissing on a shrine, or taking shoes into a Mosque, or slipping bacon fat into the matzo-ball soup.

I get that Question Time is something of a big deal, what with it being a respected, once-a-week, publicly attended forum. But good grief, Griffin was interviewed on Newsnight. Surely that’s a respected (if more regular and less public) forum on the BBC, too. From my perspective, Question Time isn’t any more of a ‘platform’ than anything else the BNP have been featured on.

Is there outcry because QT is the country’s current-affairs Holy of Holies?

Or is there outcry because, as I suspect, it’s nothing to do with the program or the ‘platform’ – but because other ‘respected’ politicians don’t want to have to share oxygen, and thereby association, with a man who’s stealing their votes an unapologetic racist?

Only 5 hours to go, by the way. I’m getting really excited. Somebody had better end up looking like a jackass on QT tonight, otherwise I shall feel cheated.

UPDATE: Hurrah! Everybody looked like a jackass. They’re all shits. Yes, Nick Griffin got his ass handed to him on a platter, and that was great. I loved it. His hands were shaking by the end.

But the general hostility of the British people, as represented by many in that audience, was breathtaking. On the one hand, they hated Nick Griffin: they applauded when he was shown up, and booed when he said offensive things, and made it clear they had no love for his racism or his party’s policy of repatriation. On the other hand, they wanted to know what the government was going to do to stem the incoming tide of durty furriners.

‘Oh no, we’re not racists! We just think the population’s grown too huge and put too much of a strain on the public services!’

To be fair to him, Jack Straw was totally accurate when he said that recently the Labour government has made it much harder for immigrants to get work permits. When Baroness Warsi disputed that, I actually shouted ‘Fuck your mother’ at the television set. ‘Cause yeah – they have made it much harder. I’m the fucking proof. And every time I read or hear some sanctimonious twat going on about how there’s too much immigration, I want to punch him in the fucking face.

Right; that’s enough bitching for now. For the moment, the British people are dead to me. Here’s hoping I feel better about them in the morning.

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  1. Most of the Sheeple avoid Newsnight or QT Bella, they get their 5 minutes Celebrity and News update on Channel 5/Sky and feel sated.

    I am afraid this is a chattering classes real time Internet hullaballoo about pretty much nothing other than inflated opinions. But something better happen at the QT Corral tonight, or Stephen Fry gets it…

  2. We’re just a small tea shop in Brighton but we had a very recent encounter with the BNP. Read about our experience of Nick Griffin and our take on the Question Time debate here: http://bit.ly/3CJcaQ

  3. It’s mainly the “No Platform for the BNP!” crowd squealing like pigs that their demands for blanket censorship of opinions they don’t like are not being obeyed. Free speech is only for the bien pensants. In the authoritarians’ ideal world the hoi polloi would be told when, and for whom, their dreary little ballots should be cast.

    QT hasn’t been a respectable piece of political knockabout since one of the ancestral Dimblebys (heraldic office: Gold Microphone-in-Waiting) took it over and helped steer it into being a semi-regular Labour party political broadcast.

    • It certainly felt that way tonight, with Jack Straw banging on and on about his constituency and Chris Huhne talking about how the Lib Dems are the ‘only’ alternative to the busted-up duo. I just cringed my way through the last hour. Thank God for wine.

  4. I think a lot of the fuss is coming from the other parties, particularly Laborg. Their personal nightmare must be for a few non race/foreigners/immigration questions to come up and Griffin to get first dibs at answering a couple – if he says something that’s broadly in line with either current policy or a government proposal or even just something that a Laborg figure has said is a good idea then they’re in a difficult position. Do they attack it and give Griffin the chance to point out that something similar has come from the Laborg ranks, or do they agree with him and risk guilt by association? Avoiding having to share airtime with the guy at all would have been the best option, and up till now it’s worked fine for them.

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