May 182009

I do so love parables. What is this one about, do you think?

Indulge me this little fable of our times…

There once was a man, a young man, a man afflicted with a passionate desire. He wanted nothing more in all the world than to play music on the violin. He never had much time for music as a child, but as he grew up and hit his teenage years he found himself seized by a powerful and unsettling urge to play the violin. Nothing but a violin would do. This was not like him, so he thought, and he worried about how others would react to him should they find out that he harboured this forbidden desire.

The society he lived in did not much care for music, and treated it rather strictly – as something to be played only by chartered professionals who owned their own instruments. It was not despised, by and large, though some fringe lunatics certainly did despise it, and when kept within certain bounds it was generally accepted. It was certainly not something to be discussed outside the auditorium or the concert hall, however, especially with those too junior to acquire an instrument or seek accreditation. Furthermore, in a cruel twist of fate, the violin in particular was deeply frowned upon, especially for boys. Nobody wanted their son to grow up to be a violinist, though daughters were actively encouraged to take up the instrument. Boys were not allowed to seek accreditation for a violin charter, though many who wanted to kept playing on the fringes of society, outside the official remit of the state musicians’ guild. There was prejudice, but it seemed to be getting more tolerable…

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