Sep 292011

Look at the way every person in this photograph is grinning, like film stars being mobbed by paparazzi on the red carpet, about subverting the will of the German people. If there is a hell, surely each of these belongs there.

BBC News: Germany approves EU bailout fund, all participants smile at subversion of democracy.

  9 Responses to “Obscenity”

  1. These people really are demonic.

  2. Somebody should Photoshop some toothbrush moustaches.

    Only a few days before wall-tearing down anniversary, an East German decides what the largest European economy will do.

    Bloody women. I am not just referring to the Bundeskanzlerin.

  3. The smug bastards, they couldn’t give a shit could they?

  4. An obscene unfuckable lard arse. She will get what’s coming to her in the end.

  5. It was NOT a “large majority” as reported by the lying bastards of the BBC. In fact the FDJ Tussi only just sraped it through.

    I just hope it is remembered next time we get to vote for the cow.

  6. It isn’t their Deutschmark, so what do they care?

  7. Na typical. If all those that said BEFORE the vote, that they were agains it had actually voted AGAINST, then….

    It would appear they did not! Someone swap the “Ja”, “Nein” to the opposite boxes or something?

  8. “Judging by the commentary, there has been a colossal misunderstanding around the world of what has just has happened in Germany. The significance of yesterday’s vote by the Bundestag to make the EU’s €440bn rescue fund (EFSF) more flexible is not that the outcome was a “Yes””.

    Relief, rather than victory methinks

  9. I am a glock-toting secret agent for the Germans and Merkel’s part time bodyguard. I am also a liar.

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