Aug 032009

1. Everything in America is huge.

2. Including the creepy-crawlies.

3. American healthcare costs what it does because of (a) widespread, mild hypochondria and (b) creepy-crawly-borne diseases.

4. American food is now too rich for my palette.

5. Big weddings are more trouble than they’re worth.

6. A supportive family can turn a hell into, if not exactly a paradise, at least a reasonably tolerable purgatory.

7. Virgin Atlantic is my new favourite airline, and I won’t hear a word spoken against Sir Richard ever again.

8. It’s good to be back home in the UK, for another 28 days anyway.

  3 Responses to “Notes from a large continent”

  1. Glad to have you back here!

  2. I agree totally with you on your predicament.

    Our government is now totally off side. So why do we pay taxes?

    Mind you, your government sucks too, and until they stop treating all visitors as if they were criminals (iris scans and finger prints at point of entry) I for one shall not be visiting the ‘land of the free’.

    Sorry to disappoint, but according to my nephew in law, who works for Virgin Atlantic, it isn’t owned by Sir Richard anymore. Apparently the corporate culture has changed for the worse.

  3. What do you think of the “mild hypochondria”? I’ve always thought similar but rarely find anyone who agrees. Though it’s getting bad here in the UK as well, especially amongst women and it’s probably Hollywood’s fault.

    There is no need to take vitamins unless something else is wrong. There is no need for a cabinet full of pills other than paracetamol. There is no need to go to a hostpital for a sprained ankle.

    There was a Scrubs repeat on the other day and a woman’s son had been stabbed and was being stitched up by Turk. Her son was fine but she was still worked up and so Elliot offered to prescribe her some drugs to calm down. Does that really happen in American hospitals?

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