Sep 162009

Lately I have been debating the merits of Blogger vs. WordPress from the point of view of one who knows little about web technology, i.e. myself.

Blogger pros include all kinds of funky little settings you can play around with, like comment functions and notifications, and the ability to download free templates (or, if you are awesome, which I’m not, design a template yourself or fins out what the cost of an ecommerce website is and start from there) and use them, also for free. Downsides include not-so-friendly user interface and no stats page.

WordPress pros: friendly user interface and the stats page. Downsides: if you have a free account, you can only use the templates they let you use – no messing around with your blog’s appearance unless you pay.

And there is one drawback they both share: it is very difficult to find a template that doesn’t use sans-serif fonts. I hate sans-serif fonts. They’re hard on my senescing eyeballs. My total cheapness means that I can’t do anything about that in WordPress anyway. My total ignorance of code means that even though I could change this on Blogger, I don’t know how.

Also, although you can convert a Blogger blog to WordPress, you cannot, apparently, convert a WordPress blog to Blogger, which means that if I went apostate, I’d essentially have to start all over again and hope that the people who read this blog care enough to get the new feed address or whatever.

(Am I displaying my lack of tech savoir-faire well enough?)

Does anybody recommend Blogger over WordPress, or vice versa, and have any advice to offer me in my dilemma? Or should I just gird my loins and fork over the ten ‘credits’ WordPress demands in return for versatility?

(And please, no anti-Google screeds. I’m not a Google fanatic but I’m afraid Satan’s corporate corruption has already tainted me, in that some time ago I went Google Mail and I’ll never go back.)

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  1. Fucking hell. Did I dream this or are you married to one of the web’s best designers?

    Do I really have to say anything other than crack the whip, woman!? :o)

  2. Can’t he just host you a full wordpress site. That would be free for you and you could do whatever you wanted.

  3. There is a risk associated with self hosted blogs – if you don’t keep it up to date then it can lead to security risks. This has happened with a number of high profile blogs recently.

    Updating is not hard (click a link, wait for it to complete), but it is a chore. It might be easier to just follow these instructions –

  4. WordPress is far superior to Blogger. 😛 Free WordPress allows you to change the banner, which is good enough for

    Self-hosted WordPress is what you want though. Bat your lashes at DK. 😛

  5. Well, since you’ve banned me from telling you why I chose wordpres sI’m not going to 😉 but seriously, what Obo said.

  6. I am not a blogger, so I cannot really comment on the pro/con of the two systems.

    BUT, as a reader and occasional commenter, one glaring deficiency I do note with WordPress. A few blogs use it for comments as well as posting, as many do with Blogger. But while Blogger uses the same ID and Password for all site comments (always did, though now it is Google account linked) WordPress sets up an individual login set for each site. And many of the sites using WordPress signon will not allow any other form of posting a comment. Annoying. And yes, this may (have not tried, but possibly) be bypassed by setting up your own blog in WordPress and using that login for other sites – but as I said, I do not blog, and since I would not keep the blog active it would eventually be deleted.

  7. Blogger may be more popular for bloggers, but I’ve never seen WordPress suffer a Denial of Service attack.

    John A, no trouble here with individual login for comments. Just my usual nickname and email address.

  8. I did set up a self-hosted blog for Bella—under—and she rejected it.



  9. If you were really a Luddite, you’d just start distributing pamphlets.

  10. I don’t like to waste his time on such fripperies. He’s very busy and important.

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