Jan 162010

Longrider has a cracking good fisking of an article in the Independent by the ‘timorous’ Howard Jacobson:

Living involves risk. Every time we go anywhere there is risk. There is greater risk of a road traffic incident than there is from the bogeymen. There is far more risk of dying in the home than there is from the jihadists. Get a sense of proportion and get a grip. And, take a moment or two to reflect on Benjamin Franklin’s words on this. Protection from bad men is not a right.

If the police, no matter how clumsy, are our protection, how does it benefit us to have lawyers in another country hampering their operations? View it how you will, this victory for the civil libertarians is nothing short of an overwhelming defeat for the people whose liberties they claim to uphold.

This man is an absolute wanker.

I urge you to go and read the whole thing.

  3 Responses to “Independent or dependent?”

  1. Ta for the link. Mrs L thought I was going to break the keyboard…

    • No problem, dude. It was an absolute pleasure reading your rage. I’d stump up a donation for a new keyboard for you, too, if you ever really did break one in your incandescent irritation.

  2. There’s some right bollocks being spoken in the Jacobson comments too – I was going to rant there but it wanted me to register for a Windows Live ID for the privilege so that’s that one chocked off.

    Some pillock was claiming that there are no “absolute rights” under HRA / ECHR? Really – torture, slavery, free (if not public) trial? All unqualified, hence absolute.

    Any way – it’s not just the illliberal left weeping into their Fairtrade coffee that are responsible for this nonsense – the knee-jerk reaction is just as strong among the Daily Hate tendency. Although the Mail does seem to agree that s44 was not being well used.

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