Jul 082009

Today has been a day for finding out things through the post.

The school where I was offered a new job beginning in September has decided to rescind their offer and hire a UK/EU applicant instead.

And the Border Agency, even after discussion with my MP, is refusing to reconsider my Tier 1 application despite their own telephonic misinformation.

I have now exhausted all possible avenues to stay in the UK and I still am going to have to leave.

This has fucked up my entire life.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Bella.

  2. You could always marry the Devil! :-)

    I would offer but I don’t think Mrs Brennan would approve…

  3. That’s shit, especially when I see the flotsam and jetsam they do let in.

    Do you have somewhere to go back home? Will you be able to try again? I do hope so.

  4. Look on the bright side – it’s like being rejected by the dysfunctional b/f your conscience couldn’t bear to just dump.

    I don’t think anyone is surprised by the intransigence, stupidity, misinformation, callousness and disregard you have experienced at the hands of UK authorities.

    If I was from somewhere else, I can’t imagine I’d still be in the UK now. Wouldn’t want to be, that is.

    Still, must be an awful experience. Hope you get through it all okay. Chin up, and keep blogging!!


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  6. I cannot express how shitty I feel about the shabby way my country -it should be OUR country dammit- has treated you. I’m so sorry.

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  8. Noooooooooooooo!

  9. They are a bunch of jobsworth bastards.

  10. My girlfriend (a US citizen) was given the Stasi treatment when she tried to visit the UK for the first time. Their justification? She didn’t have a return ticket.

    Now, there was a good reason for this – her dad works for American Airlines and she can fly standby at any time, and as she was planning to stay with my family for a couple of weeks and didn’t need a visa for just a short stay, she was leaving her return date open.

    Big mistake. Either the UK immigration authorities had recently been warned about the potential terrorism/illegal immigration threat of 21 year-old female Christian nursing students from South Carolina, or they were just being total twats.

    Hmmm…I wonder which?

  11. Sorry, but we’re often shit here.
    Please let us know how you are doing in the future. We might want to emmigrate, too many ignorant local here.

  12. Well, Bella, I enjoy your writing so much that, as a widower and therefore single again, I would be willing to marry you so you can stay in this Brownhole of a country. Get in touch if you’re interested!
    (I am an old git (58) though)

  13. Unbefuckinglievable. Encourage the parasites to come and at the same time kick out exactly the sort of person who’s actually prepared to put up with shit weather and being robbed blind to pay for the parasites. Sorry to hear it Bella. I hope it works out, and I hope you find a way back to a life in the UK if that’s what you want.

  14. Bella, a new visitor (came after a tip off from Butch). Hope things work out (note the offer of marriage above ! ), but if they don’t, give up on the pricks.

    Come to NZ. We have some immigration rulings that make me grind my teeth, but I don’t think they’re deliberately f***ing people around too much.

  15. Just got back from holiday and catching up. This is sad news indeed and sad indictment on the way we treat our guests, especially the ones who make a positive contribution to our society.

    I trust you’ll keep blogging?

  16. Given the almost daily things I read about the UK’s spiral into a police state ( not that other “free” countries aren’t developing this rancid problem ), consider yourself lucky. In fact, it’s probably going to turn out to be the best thing that’s happened to you.

  17. I am truly sorry for your predicament, which must be bitterly disappointing, but “f*ed up your entire life”?

    Maybe a tad of exaggeration there?

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