Nov 272009

The visa problem may (repeat, may) be sorted out. So now Bella needs a job.

Any suggestions?

  8 Responses to “Hmm”

  1. I hear the public sector pays well and the job security is good.

  2. Come on! That’s an open goal! ;o)

  3. “Any suggestions?”

    Well, yes, but you’re married, are you not?

  4. Anyway…publishing, editing or teaching again.

  5. I presume you can drive a motor car and that you are sane for most of the day, most days? Then, come and live in our guest bedroom in Lancashire! Teach Latin, Greek and history to students whom I shall get for you. There could be lots, I have never advertised to get these disciplines as I am not qualified to teach them, being a scientist/maths-bunny/biochemist/engineer.
    I shall pay you £18 per hour and we shall charge the little blighters’ parents £26 ph and I take the top £8 in lieu of your rent etc: and what you do with the rest of the dosh is your affair.

    So how about that then? There are also two international airports within 40 mins of here, London is 225 miles down the road only, and DK can visit whenever it pleases him.

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