May 082010

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way this brat could have received a polling card is if he deliberately falsified the electoral registration form that came to his parents’ house.

Whatever, his commentary is chilling:

Alfie went to his local polling station before school on Thursday, wearing a trench coat, glasses, jeans and smart shoes so officials would “think I was a Tory”.

“I knew they wouldn’t suspect an under-18 for voting Tory,” he said.

Alfie said he was “very serious” about politics and socialism, but decided to vote Liberal Democrat as a tactical option.

He said: “There’s not a socialist candidate in our area and unfortunately even if there was it would be a wasted vote. I’ve looked into it and the best option for a socialist is the Liberal Democrats.

“I did want to make a difference – unfortunately I didn’t.”

Police are investigating. Can we do 14-year-olds for electoral fraud? I do hope so. And for God’s sake, somebody give the kid’s mother a backbone:

Alfie’s mum, Nadine Wiseman, said she had asked him not to vote, after he received the polling card, but she “wasn’t surprised” when he did.

The captions below this little bastard’s photo says that Alfie is ‘very serious’ about politics. Too bad he’s not too fussed about, y’know, the law.

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  1. Socialists having no concern for the rule of law as long as it allows them to do their thing?

    Sounds about par.

  2. she had asked him not to vote, after he received the polling card,

    Modern parenting at it’s best, you don’t ask a 14 year old, you tell them
    and when they disobey, you punish.

    but she “wasn’t surprised” when he did.

    So sounds like the obnoxious little shit disobeys on a regular basis.

    Still it does show that only 14 year olds and the seriously deluded actually think socialism works

  3. If he is serious about politics and socialism, his record for electoral fraud will not endear him to the Labour Party … oh wait.

    • I think what horrified me was that Labour weren’t socialist enough for him.

      • A significant proportion of my family were members of the British Communist Party (when it existed) so I might be a bit hardened to that horror!

  4. According to the Daily Fail he ended up on the register “after his sister, Georgina, 19, mistakenly told a registrar who visited their home that he was eligible.”

    Is it then any wonder that I sometimes feel that stupidity should be a crime?

  5. As someone who was a month too young to vote in this election, this severely pisses me off. Every thing he has said and done supports the argument that young people are neither intelligent nor responsible enough to vote, and that makes me look bad.

    • Word, dude. But at least you won’t have too long to wait before you get to vote for the first time! This kid should lose his voting privileges until he’s 30.

  6. I’ve got this mental picture of Pitt the Even Younger from Blackadder III.

    • Follow the link – soon you’ll have a real picture of a total douchebag.

      • I did. Looks like the infernal offspring of one of the Millivanillibands and Harry Potter, but with extra smug.

        “I realised I was breaking the law,’ Alfie said. ‘But I’m very passionate about politics, so when the polling card arrived by accident I felt I had a duty to use it.”

        He didn’t feel any sense of duty to expose the potential for electoral fraud before the election so presumably not at all passionate about that, but I bet he and his moronic laugh-it-off parents would have all been farting sparks if it turned out that loads of pubescent Tories had been voting in marginal labour seats.

  7. Here’s a poster-child (literally) for raising the franchise to 25 years’ old.

  8. Illustrates just how easy it is to vote fraudulently- ok this stupid kid got caught, I wonder how many more careful ones didn’t?

  9. I can’t really make myself angry over this one. As far as I’m concerned, voting is an endorsement of and participation in widespread acts of violence and oppression. If the little shit does it under age, is that really any different from what everyone else is doing?

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