May 062010

Dear Election Fairy,

I have been a very good girl this year. If you could see your way clear to rewarding this, I would be most grateful. I have only three election wishes.

1. That Ed Balls should lose his seat.

2. That Nigel Farage should defeat John Bercow.

3. That Old Holborn should win in Cambridge.

And, Election Fairy, if you are feeling particularly generous and it’s not too much trouble, one further thing: Phil Woolas should suffer.

With many thanks,

  13 Responses to “Dear Election Fairy”

  1. I’m sorry but a fairy is about your only chance of those four things happening.


  2. Balls having his own Portillo momentt would be delicious. We can but hope.

  3. “moment” Gah!

  4. What the fuck is that third one all about!

    Agree with the others. For me, I’d love even more for various other Labour people to lose – including Blears.

    Libertarian blog land has gone very weird during this election though. Politically interested people, with essentially no political home or idea on how to vote. It’s quite funny.

    Well, I have my bags packed. If Labour get in, say goodbye to JD. I’ll be rushing through my get-out-of-Britain plans rather rapidly.

  5. Could you negotiate with the election fairy for an outbreak of sanity in Kirkaldy and Cowdenbeath? We saw a standing PM lose his seat down here…

  6. Jacqui Smith losing. Nothing is going to spoil my election night more than if the people of Redditch don’t put her on the dole.

  7. You’re 0 for 4 so far although Woolas is on a recount. Just how ‘good’ a girl have you been?

  8. Bella, I think you’ve been a very bad girl, as 1 -3 hopes were dashed.

    Poor OH, few votes despite providing much needed amusement in Cambridge.

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