Dec 012011

So. This time last year, London was under a blanket of snow. That was weather, not climate change.

This time this year, London is positively balmy. I haven’t even busted out the winter coat. This is climate change, not weather.

What’s what, you climate change types?

I know that, y’know, climate change is all about melting ice caps and polar bears and stuff, not about what the temperature is in any given place in any given time.

But on the one hand, I’ve got this message that unseasonable cold is not indicative of global warming, because global “warming” can cause unseasonable cold due to cold meltwater effing up the Gulf Stream.

On the other hand, I’ve got this message that unseasonable warm is not indicative of climate change, because climate change doesn’t cause meltwater to eff up the Gulf Stream, due to some Pacific weather pattern…?

Look. Either global warming is effing the Gulf Stream and therefore causing massive freezes north of the Tropic of Cancer; or else global warming is heightening the Gulf Stream and causing crazy warm weather north of the Tropic of Cancer; I don’t care, just make up your minds for more than a year in advance.

And when you do, I’ll bust out the winter coat or else the flip-flops, and become a convert.

But until your weather/climate/Gulf Stream/meltwater/Pacific current makes consistent sense, I’ll continue to believe in “mainly a multi-decadal natural fluctuation.”


  3 Responses to ““Climate change””

  1. Seems reasonable to me. Although we have the ability to discern patterns from the past, I’m not sure that humans, even scientist humans, can accurately, or even adequately, predict weather patterns 100, much less 1 million years into the future based on scant data. What seems to us now as a permanent and troubling weather trend could be just a temporary blip of climate change; however, for now I’ll keep both the winter coat and the sunscreen at the ready.

  2. Good comment. Have a look at this site to answer your queries: Go to any of the various links, and see the poster (coby) responds when someone “supports” him; then see him squirm with some quite nasty language when he realises that he was just being set up for a prat-fall. An(other) “Anonymous” is very good at it, as is “Alex”.

    It is curious how the pro-AGW brigade see the sceptics (evil bastards) as the enemy. Another site ( dismisses them as “Cranks” and “Denialists”, seemingly totally unaware of the irony in their statements.


  3. “So. This time last year, London was under a blanket of snow. That was weather, not climate change.”

    No, it’s all climate change. 😉

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