Aug 102009

Does anyone happen to know, or be, a notary public in London – who for preference is willing to notarise something very simple within the next two days?

Suggestions much appreciated.

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  1. I’m pretty sure that in the English system all solicitors are by definition notary publics (err, notaries public?)

    Pretty sure that is, not certain, but randomly choosing a high street firm from the phone book and calling would let you find out.

  2. Hi,
    This could be useful to you:

    (Great website, by the way)

  3. via the Kitchen sink – er, blog:
    For those who are interested, young Bella Gerens and I got married this morning, with a very simple ceremony in Larnaka (where we are staying).

  4. Congratulations to Bella & John!
    (All it took was my offer of a hand for JA to step up, eh?)
    I hope this promises the continuation of your wonderful and insightful blogs.

  5. Many congratulations! I wish you both every happiness.

  6. Many congratulations, Mrs Kitchen!

    (Tim: all solicitors and barristers in the UK are commissioners for oaths, which in some circumstances will do for formalising a document, but not all solicitors are notaries.)

  7. I hope it means you can stay here now?

    Thank God for that. Congrat by the way, I hope he’ll make you very happy – sooner you than us! DD

  8. EP: “Bella & John”


    Yes. Congratulations Debbie & Paul!
    …Congratulations Sonny & Cher!
    …Congratulations Itchy & Scratchy!

  9. All notaries in the UK are listed here. Katy’s observation (17 August 12:05) correcting Tim is right on the button.

    Congrats BTW

  10. Thank you everybody for all of the congratulations! And the notary suggestions – I ended up having to go to the embassy to get it done, but now I have the info for the future.

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