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So, the Daily Mail has an article about the 50 things the average person wants to achieve during their lifetime, along with the caveat that the average person only actually does five of the 50.

There aren’t even 50 things on the list, but here goes:

1. Become a millionaire—Would like to do.

2. Travel the world—Would like to do only once no. 1 has been achieved.

3. See the Northern Lights—Would like to do.

4. Trek the Great Wall of China—No thanks.

5. Be mortgage free—I’m mortgage-free now, but about that student debt…

6. Go to the Inca Trail—No thanks.

7. See all seven wonders of the world/8. Visit the Egyptian Pyramids—You can’t visit all seven wonders these days, and the pyramids are one of them anyway. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing the ones that are left.

9. Invent something that changes lives—Meh.

10. Visit Antarctica—Definitely not.

11. Go on the Orient Express—Would like to do.

12. Go on an African Safari—No thanks.

13. See the Taj Mahal—Meh.

14. Learn to play the piano / guitar / drums—Done two of these, ish.

15. Stay a night at the world’s best hotel—No thanks.

16. Build your own house—No thanks.

17. Drive Route 66 in the US—Meh.

18. Go to Lapland—What the heck? Does the average person really want to do this? I have no idea where Lapland even is.

19. Swim with dolphins / sharks—Would like to swim with dolphins. Not so much with the sharks…

20. Emigrate—Done it.

21. Learn to speak another language—Done it.

22. Own an island—Too much hassle.

23. Enjoy some Oddbins by dining at a Michelin star restaurant—Done it.

24. Write a novel—Would like to do. Need a plot first, though, and maybe some characters…

25. See Gorillas in the wild—No thanks.

26. Live and work abroad—Done it. This is the same as no. 20, anyway.

27. Hot air balloon ride—Done it.

28. Fly a plane—No thanks.

29. Travel New Zealand in a Winnebago—Again, do people really want to do this? Seems really specific. Anyway, it’s a maybe for me.

30. Start and run your dream business—No thanks.

31. Ride a Segway—Okay, this one would be fun.

32. Go to Disneyworld—Done it.

33. Gamble in Las Vegas—No thanks.

34. Act as an extra in a Hollywood film—Meh.

35. Dedicate time to volunteering—Done it.

36. Try out an F1 car—Meh.

37. Learn to fly a plane or helicopter—No thanks. Same as no. 28 anyway, surely? I definitely don’t want people flying planes who haven’t learned how to do it first.

38. Have a family—Um. Someday.

39. Be an extra in a movie—This is the same as no. 34.

40. Climb a mountain like Everest—No thanks.

41. Buy a yacht—Only once I’ve achieved no. 1. Even then I might prefer just to rent.

42. Meet your idol / favourite celebrity—Done it. Ask me about meeting Robert Plant if you want your face bored off.

43. Run a marathon—No thanks.

44. Watch a World Cup final—I watched one on television, does that count?

45. Meet the Queen—Nah, don’t give a crap. She’s not my queen.

46. Learn to surf—Done it.

47. Go to Harry Potter World in Florida—Would like to do.

48. Abseil down a mountain—This could be fun.

49. Do an army assault course—No thanks.

50. Deep sea dive—Definitely not.

So I’ve done 10, maybe 11 of these. Twice the average. Not bad.

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  1. Let me see …

    2. Yeh. For work … (see also 26)

    3. Done, several times. It usually gets as far south as here 3 or 4 times a year. Of course, we usually have sufficient cloud cover that you don’t see anything but …

    23, 28, 30 (well, not “dream” but …), 32, 34 (and, therefore, 39), 38 & 49

    Abseiling down mountains is hard, they tend to slope too much – you abseil down cliffs, and few mountains are all cliff. I’ve abseiled down a disused railway viaduct in the Welsh hills, however, so I’ll award myself 48 as well.

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  3. 51. Don’t snuff it.

  4. Reconsider 12. It is amazing.

  5. An apt postscript to this thread:

  6. Hmm, the URL didn’t appear in my previous message, so here it is without the HTML tags:


  7. Sail around the world?

  8. I can tick 3,5,14,16,23,38,41,and 45.

    Most of the rest I couldn’t be bothered with (Gorillas? What’s the big deal?) or would actively avoid (Las Vegas, anything Disney, anything Harry Potter, in fact anything at all in Florida, etc).

    It’s all very US-centric as usual.

  9. 1,2, never.. Not a chance.
    3, done. In the north of Scotland, the damn things keep you awake some nights.
    4 – did a bit. No way I’d ever do all of it but I stood on it once and that counts.
    5 – some years away but getting there.
    6, 7 – not interested. Where did 8 go?
    9 – done, a cure for all intestinal disease, but never telling anyone what it is until the smoking ban is gone.
    10, 12, 13, meh, but 11, oh yes indeed.
    14 – does banjo count?
    15-23 – don’t care.
    24 – done. Two published. I was going to do this when I retired and now I don’t know what to do when I retire. Stay drunk, probably. Or maybe try class A drugs.

    From there on it’s either ‘don’t care’ or ‘definitely not’.

    The only mission left in life is to find out what No. 8 was.

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