Jun 062010

…of laughter.

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Meanwhile, apologies to all for the recent falta of worthwhile posts. I might have written something yesterday, but I went to the Derby instead. Not what I might call a profitable day overall, but tremendous fun and those £2 I put each way on At First Sight at 80-1 really paid off when he came second.

In other Derby news, I hope nobody placed any bets based on the tote tips. Of seven races, they got one right.

Favourite horse name from yesterday: Seeking the Buck (B g Seeking the Gold – Cuanto Es). Clever.

Also, I am thinking that it’s time for karma or whatever to change. The past year has felt like one tremendous uphill struggle, so surely the world and I are due a little plateau of contentment. To that end, I am humbly asking everyone who reads this post to leave lulz in the comments. Failbooking, Lolcats good; hectoring bombast will result in personalised poison-pen character assassinations from yours truly. These days, the bitch-blade goes snicker-snack almost of its own accord, so don’t even think about whiffling and burbling through this tulgey wood…

  16 Responses to “Tears…”

  1. My lulz are pretty much everything on /b/. Go crazy.

    • I prefer the stiff-upper-lip brit humour at b3ta /board, with added benefit of quite a lot less porn* than 4chan.

      * note: may not be considered a benefit by everyone

  2. Still a personal favourite is this particular edition of FashionSWAT over at somethingawful.
    I need Endomol to hear that TV show pitch.

    But then again, maybe we’re not ready for Yellowjacket Greenapple, PI….

  3. For sword & sorcery-based amusement,http://oglaf.com/ rarely fails to disappoint…

  4. Oh, Bella, you know I’d love to burble through your tulgy wood any day…

    As far as lulz are concerned, watch this trailer for every academy award winning film ever over at BriTANicK.

    Also, anything at Cracked for embarrassingly low-brow lulz, including but not limited to Why Wizards Make Terrible Co-workers and the 6 Most Terrifying Videos Aimed at Children.

  5. Lulz? WTF is Lulz? Too old for this business … regardless, lotz of LULZ to you, Ms. G, for your ever-enjoyable and provocative blog. LULZ on, baby :-)

  6. @Left Outside.

    Brilliant penalty. Best I ever saw as I think in 1970, year after we – Man City – won the FA Cup. We got Reading in an early round, 3rd even mebbe, at home. Won Pen Lee wins penalty, spots the ball, and walks back to take it. As he does so, left winger Tony Coleman runs in and belts the ball over the bar.

    Score. 0-0 (we won the replay).

    Mr. Lee not that amused.

  7. Trollcats is usually good for a laugh.

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