Apr 122010

All right, all you readers out there. Time for a pollbomb.

At publicservice.co.uk (Public Sector & Government News), they’re running a weekly poll in which the question is:

Should public sector workers have to pay more to maintain the value of their pensions?

You won’t be surprised to hear that the ‘No’ votes are winning.

Can we round up enough ‘Yes’ votes to make them think pubic sector workers are all in favour of paying higher pension contributions? It would save the rest of us money, after all. And they deserve our spiteful little tricks.

Join me! Vote for higher pension payments for pubic sector workers. The poll is on the home page, in the right-hand sidebar.

  19 Responses to “Pollbomb”

  1. Nice one Bella, we’re winning.
    When you pop over, be sure to read the comments, some are priceless, e.g. John Taylor of Coventry

    “Pensions being cut for public servants is just a smoke screen for the failings of the private sector, who caused the economy to collapse”

    If only everyone worked for the public sector, the economy wouldn’t have collapsed then John?

  2. And you’re winning again.

    You’d never believe how hard it is to explain to my colleagues that we don’t actually pay tax and there is no ‘fund’ into which we are paying for our pension. So the survey is really asking: Do you think you should be paid less so that you are smaller burden now than you would be, in order to be a massive burden later.
    Mind you, if that pension even exists by the time I retire, I’ll be amazed.

  3. Good spot! A no vote could be read as agreeing to paying no more, but pensions reducing. Not that any public servant would see it that way, as Saltie explained above.

    • Yeah, that would be a bit complex for a poll they probably expected would be a no-brainer.

  4. Public-sector workers do pay tax. Take a soldier, who gives the country the value of £25,000 through their service, and yet who take home only £20,000. The £5,000 has to have gone somewhere.

    • Yes, but since the government pays the soldier wages and the soldier pays the government taxes, the government might as well come clean and say, ‘Your service is worth £20,000 to us. Here, have it tax-free.’

  5. Pushing up towards 2-1 in favour of ‘Yes’ at the moment. Could it be that there are some realists in the public sector after all? What is the betting that, if the result isn’t what they want, they’ll declare it null and void on account of us pesky private sector people?

    • I imagine it will die a quiet death. Especially if we can get the ‘Yes’ vote high enough.

  6. Epic. By the way; you were magnificent on The Big Questions on Sunday morning. 😀 I guess teaching’s given you a lot of experience facing down a hostile audience 😉

    • Thanks! That’s certainly the most hostile group I’ve ever addressed. Mind, I think Nicky Campbell realised everybody was jumping on the ‘drinking is baaaad’ wagon, which is probably why he called on me even though there were other people who’d had their hands up far longer. We’d met him earlier so he knew I was DK’s wife.

  7. HT to Obo for pointing me here.

    Another ‘Yes’ vote from me. Good spot.

  8. Have you seen the About page:

    http://www.publicservice.co.uk is the home page of the highly successful publishing company PSCA International Ltd.

    We are THE provider for all your public sector information needs. We have experienced enormous growth and are now able to offer even more services in one convenient place.

    The growth in Government spending has created the equivalent of the Fake Charities – Fake Companies. I’ll bet if we dig deeper we’ll find some interesting links between this company and senior politicians and civil servants.

  9. Up to 83 / 17 for the “Yes” side now …

  10. Yikes! Rumbled! See comments at DK’s site…

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