Feb 152010

Ah, the things people will Google – and the many and varied paths by which they arrive at this blog! Lately, we have these:

evan harris wanker

Fair enough.

is phil woolas pissed

If he were, that would explain a great deal. But I suspect he’s just a sinister, moronic little creep.

truly whipping extreme free

Delicious on pancakes and as a topping for ice cream.

And finally, this plaintive cry into the ether:

i want my internet turned back on virgin

Good luck, random Googler. I hope they came through in the end.

  6 Responses to “More fun search terms”

  1. Oh go on. As a fellow Virgin sufferer, I can sympathise but, if their interwebs was really in the standby condition, how did they get to Google, never mind to your blog? Did you get a user-agent string for that one?

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