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It seems I’m not the only one who understands Peter Hain’s reluctance to appear on Question Time with Nick Griffin. As I said moons ago, the only thing that differentiates the BNP from the ‘social justice’ platforms of the three main parties is its racism.

Richard Littlejohn agrees:

Interviewing the shifty and unsavoury Griffin was like trying to nail jelly to a wall. We went through his ‘manifesto’ point by point.

There was little in it which couldn’t have been espoused by any of the main parties.

His law and order policies, for instance, were straight out of the David Blunkett song book.

He was against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, just like the Liberals. The Tories and UKIP were both promising to repatriate powers from Brussels.

I put it to Griffin that what set the BNP apart was the large elephant not in the manifesto, namely that it is the ‘Wogs Out’ party.

Even when I confronted him with the incontrovertible evidence in chapter and verse, he shrugged and shuffled, mouthed a few platitudes and that was about it. I may have pressed him again on the overtly racist appeal of the BNP, but it didn’t achieve anything.

Needless to say, I shall be watching Question Time tomorrow night with great amusement. I’ve even stuck a reminder to myself on the television set so that I don’t forget.

H/T Obo the Clown.

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  1. Shouldn’t you be tending to your husband’s dinner needs, woman? You know, barefoot and in the kitchen? :o)

  2. I think Richard Littlejohn’s interview neatly demonstrates that the way to discredit the BNP’s racist policies is through debate – not ignoring or banning them. Peter Hain should have the courage of his convictions, and confront Griffin on the more odious aspects of BNP policies. Show them for what they are?

    BTW is the Devils Kitchen blog offline for any particular reason?

    • Yes, quite, although Littlejohn does say at the beginning of the article that he wouldn’t like to debate the BNP again, which is why he refused to go on QT with Griffin. It’s so hard to hate on a racist when the only thing wrong with them is the racism!

      Re: DK’s blog, it appears that that particular Google server has gone down. No idea when it might be restored.

  3. Fair point Bella, but it’s not a lot to ask political opponents of Griffin to put a bit of effort into debate though, it’s a pretty large part of what we expect them to do, well. Many of us have difficult jobs that aren’t nearly as well paid as theirs…

    • True, you’re absolutely right. I was just thinking how much easier it would be for Hain et al. to debate him if they actually had something materially different to offer.

  4. A paucity of original political thinking defines this age. So Hain has that to blame for the difficulty he faces in holding the BNP to account – a fitting punishment, damn them all…

  5. The BNP & NuLab policies differ little, except (so I believed*) for their racism.

    Left & right are becoming meaningless terms as they pick ‘n’ mix from both camps. Surely now the more important distinction is Libertarian vs. Authoritarian.

    *Mr Weasel pointed out that even this is not clear-cut, remember “British jobs for British workers”?

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