Jun 052009

From memory:

Jacqui Smith.
Hazel Blears.
Beverley Hughes.
Tom Watson.
James Purnell.
John Hutton.
Geoff Hoon.
Margaret Beckett.
Tony McNulty.
Caroline Flint.

And why, when I google ‘uk minister resignation,’ is Al-Jazeera the top result? Suspicious, no?

Anyway, dare I say it: this meltdown is vastly more exciting than any other political event I’m old enough to remember, including Obama’s this-that-and-the-other. Although I was a child when the Berlin Wall came down, the Soviet Union fell apart, and Germany was reunified, these things meant nothing to me, living as I did with no understanding of twentieth-century Europe.

But I know a good farce when I see one, and I concur heartily with Obo: break out the popcorn. This truly is turning out to be The Best Show On Earth. Big, toothy, gleefully sadistic smiles all round.

  2 Responses to “Better than the Obamarathon”

  1. And why, when I google ‘uk minister resignation,’ is Al-Jazeera the top result

    Because they are the only lot who don’t need to asked their vested interest what to say?

    You should try some of the commentary on ARRSE, particularly about Ainsworth. I don’t think he is popular with the troops.

  2. This taken with the expenses scandal is probably the longest running “car crash” I’ve ever seen. The only thing tempering my rage at the lies, lame excuses and waste of money is the schadenfreude, and I’m revelling in it.

    I watched the Wall come down whilst in barracks in Germany and it was phenomenal. There was no indication it was going to happen until the pictures were being broadcast of people standing on, and coming through, the wall. An amazing night which only just beats this one so far.

    Time for some more celebratory beer, have a good weekend.

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