Feb 242009

bella, Simpsonized

Simpsonize yourself.

  5 Responses to “bella, Simpsonized”

  1. Golly, is that really what you look like?

    All I can say is that Dennis is a preposterously lucky sod and that, denied, I clearly have no choice now but to top myself. every pitiful hope comprehensively dashed.

    Goodbye cruel world.

  2. I say, steady on old girl. I mean, Dennis, solid sort of chap and all that. Surely not the kind of fellow to turn down lightly, eh?

    What’s more, if any more of these ‘passionately brilliant bloggers’ come herding round you, I’d give them all a jolly good punch on the nose.

    Send them about their business.

    Worked in the war. No reason why it shouldn’t still now.

    Still, if all else fails (as it generally does), come and live with me in France, where there is still, just, a flickering vestige of civilization.

    Hope springs eternal (sort of).

  3. Er…where in France?

  4. Charente-Maritime.

    Jolly nice.

  5. Alas, Thomas, an anonymous claimant has threatened me with broken patellae and other unpleasantnesses if I do not ‘back off’ from Dennis. I would, like you, seek an end to my misery, but there are one or two other passionately brilliant bloggers out there I might propose to before I give up entirely.

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