Sep 302009

The men of the country have not come off well in a poll rating the quality of the world’s male lovemakers. With #1, the worst, being Germany:

2. England (too lazy)

7. Wales (too selfish)

8. Scotland (too loud)

Still, better to be too lazy, selfish, or loud, than have the problem Germans have, which is apparently that they are ‘too smelly.’

But hey, Irishmen are the fifth best lovers in the world, behind Spain, Brazil, Italy, and France. Too bad the article doesn’t tell us what, exactly, makes them so good…

  2 Responses to “Bad news for Great Britain”

  1. On the brighter side, a silver medal bodes well for 2012 and all that.

  2. Couldn’t see any reference to where the women (I presume?) assessing were from – Eurovision-style voting panels,anyone? Or perhaps each respondent, and if I remember correctly,there were 15,000 of them,tried out the whole list. Sounds a bit club 18-30,no?

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