Oct 022010

From Keep Thinking, Butch:

There is a crash of thunder. Enter Lord Piotr Manhandlebum.

Manhandlebum: Now is the winter of my discontent
Made quite frankly irksome by this glorious son of Marx.
But did I hear the clown say sooth
That Tony of Blair is here within the castle walls in truth?
I am not in his good books and my own book is not good.
The Turd Man has pricked New Labour’s rose, and pricks
Are all the rage at Arsinore. I should know.
I’ll to the chamber and position myself behind the arras.
No change there then.

Exit pursued by a bare man.

I urge you to read the whole thing. It’s a treat.

  2 Responses to “A sundae for Saturday”

  1. A very comfit in sooth, Bella, for which much thanks. Good night, gentles all.

  2. Oi, pull your head out your ass and get back to writing on your blog! Enough of this slackitude.

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