Sep 162009

In the last two days, I have been led to believe, by the search terms that lead people to this blog, that the hardest word in the English language to spell is ‘Australian.’ Here are a few of the variations since yesterday:


Oddly enough, these orthographically-challenged Googlers all seem to be searching for websites that feature Australian women having sex.

Except for the one visitor who spelled Australian correctly, whose entire search term was perfectly capitalised, punctuated, and somehow managed to convey the author’s sense of incredulousness: “Do Australians really fuck sheep?”

  5 Responses to “The hardest word to spell”

  1. No, but Welshmen do.

    For the politically correct, the imagination boggles at Welshwimmen.

  2. I just tried that googling that last phrase, and this post was the only result returned.

  3. If you Google it without the quotation marks, though, you get lots of stuff. This blog is still the top result though – which is odd, because I’m pretty certain I’ve never pondered that great mystery…

  4. I’m reliably informed by my Australian friends that the whole thing is a misunderstanding due to the similarity between sheep and an awful perm as seen on Kath & Kim. There’s actually no sheep fucking at all unless you count the really good looking ones.

  5. A real Australian would spell it as “Ostraya” if spelled phonetically.

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