Jun 042009

No, I’m not really in it, but still…

For petty bureaucratic reasons, my immigration application has been rejected by the Home Office, and the consequent emotional devastation has reduced me to watching ‘Britney Spears: From the Beginning’ on Music4. At the moment, she’s doing a Joan Jett cover.

Does she love rock and roll? I’m not convinced. If she really loved rock and roll, she wouldn’t generate the shitty pop music she generates.

But never mind Britney.

Fuck the Home Office and Jacqui Smith (or whoever’s in charge of it now). Fuck this Labour Government, and the imminent Tory Government that will preserve this travesty of a points system. Fuck the Maastricht Treaty, the Lisbon Treaty, Ted Heath, and all the other apparatus of the EU that means jobless benefit claimants are considered more deserving of residency in Britain than an employed taxpayer with a net contribution to the British economy. Fuck Brown, Cameron, Clegg, and any politician whose pusillanimous pandering to political correctness has resulted in the exclusion of every foreigner like me, and I’m sure there are many, who is willing to endure endless fees, paperwork, and inconvenience just to have the right to live and work in what I, for one, believed was a great nation.

Britain is the home of liberty, modern democracy, and free enterprise: what the hell has happened to this place? If you haven’t voted yet, go out and stick it to these bastards. I wish I could.

And yes, I’m bitter. Sue me.


  6 Responses to “The Pit of Despair”

  1. Britain *was* the home of liberty, modern democracy, and free enterprise: they all saw the country was f*cked and emigrated years ago.

    You’re entitled to be bitter Bella. It’s a perfectly natural response to a kick in the teeth.

  2. It’s one f**ked up country — that’s quite correct.

  3. It is not for nothing that our rulers are known as the Enemy Class! They’ve spent well over half a century trying with increasing success to destroy this country, its independence, culture, way of life and people. Their hatred of freedom, private property and human nature is also no secret.

    It is part of the project to fill the country with anglophobes, jihadis, conmen and scroungers.

    Can you appeal or re-submit your application? Have you thought of ways round this? For example, have you a potential claim for nationality in another EU country? Anyway, best of British luck.

  4. I take your blog on my RSS feed and was disappointed to read your story. Now that I have seen the background at DK I am ashamed and embarrassed to think that our country can treat people so shoddily.

    If you set up a paypal account or some other method I would like to contribute towards repaying the fee that has been outrageously extracted from you. If you get more than the £820 the balance could go to DK’s rope fund.

    If a petition would help I would sign that as well.

    Good luck in whatever path you take.


  5. Keep fighting. Worst case, invent your own religion (as you’re American, no one will bat an eyelid) and claim discrimination.

    That should allow you to stay here until the adults are back in charge :0

    Best of luck.

  6. Otherwise claim to be the Obamessiah’s long-lost sister, that should work.

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