Mar 172010

I’m really sick and tired of you people on the left telling me what and whom I should be arguing against and how I should be constructing those arguments.

‘It’s not Ed Balls’s fault people think Latin is useless. You should be ranting against everybody who’s allowed it to decline blah blah.’

You know what? I’ll rant about Ed Balls if I please, especially if he’s the one I see doing something I don’t agree with.

And you know what else? I have no pretensions about making this blog a vehicle for social change. I don’t write what I write in the hope that my careful, inoffensive points reach a wide audience. None of my goals involves bringing people around to my way of thinking in order to effect terminal mass in opinions.

In fact, my blog reaches more people when I abandon careful inoffensiveness, which is bland, and rant my way practically to apoplexy. So why would I take your advice to tone it down and choose targets you’d like me to pick?

In the words of the great Lenny, Mayor of New York’s finest: ‘You do your job, pencil-dick. Don’t tell me how to do mine.’

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  1. Whether it’s your goal or not – you, your husband’s blog and blogs like them have certainly changed my view of politics. In fact I joined up to LPUK today as a result of them. I voted for Labour in the last three elections on the basis that they seemed the most altruistic and caring and I didn’t want to vote for the ‘nasty’ party. Does it not please you that you’ve had that effect?

    • Fantastic – of course it pleases me! And if the blog has that effect, I’m certainly not complaining. :-)

      It’s just that in my experience, few people are willing to change their minds, so I haven’t set out to do that as a primary goal. And it peeves me when well-intentioned opponents try to tell me how to do it. Mind you, on occasion they’re right; but it’s not really my job to make the arguments they want me to make.

  2. This is awesome; many seem to labour under the misapprehension that because blogging is public, and others benefit from it; it is somehow altruistic.

    No. We blog because we enjoy it, generally as catharsis (definitely in I think yours and DK’s case :P). If others free ride on our steam-letting and get something out of it themselves, then awesome.

    • Quite. Not to mention that people blogging for social change usually ending up sounding like politicians rather than humans. I don’t write to conceal myself; I write to reveal. And nobody can credibly tell me how to do that.

  3. I blog so I don’t have to keep inflicting table-thumping pub rants on people I know so they enjoy my company more. And if I didn’t already have one, I think ‘ranting to apoplexy’ would be a great name for a blog!

    I’m so tired of all this “women are going to vote for Dave because his wife is pretty and wears M&S just like a real woman even though she’s minted” or “for Gordon because he cries and his wife cries and aren’t they sweet, crying together” shit. They treat us like mindless drones, while all the women I know are intelligent, witty and mightily pissed off with it all.

    On with the ranting, I say.

    • “They treat us like mindless drones, while all the women I know are intelligent, witty and mightily pissed off with it all.”


      But that audience must exist, or they wouldn’t target it…

  4. It’s a superiority trick. They’ve been playing the same game for years on forums and blogs all over the place. If you meet one in real life, they play the same few games as they do online, the only difference is that you can see their smug and thoughtless faces while they do it.

    Comments like :

    “I see you haven’t condemned the latest racist outpouring by so and so, therefore you must be in agreement with them’ – even when you have no idea who so-and-so is, what they might have said, and it bears no relation to your original comments at all.

    The position they are trying to put you in is – ‘do as I command, or I will tell everyone you are the bastard child of Hitler and Thatcher and raised by Nick Griffin’. What they want is your meek acquiescence. They actually believe they can control anyone’s thoughts with the childish mind games they use on the dim.

    No chance. They’ve given up trying over at my place, which is a shame because I used to have a bit of fun with them. I might have to change my name and start again, because they won’t play with me any more.

  5. I’ve just thought of something – ‘Those who let Latin decline’ – that’ll be the Romans then. If they hadn’t wrecked their Empire we’d all be speaking it now.

    I dropped out of Latin at school. I couldn’t have passed an exam so I chose subjects I knew I’d pass. Disgustingly logical, I know, but I promise I don’t have pointy ears.

    I can do the finger thing, although I’ve met very few people I would actually say ‘Live long and prosper’ to.

    • Oh, I tried to drop Latin. Agreed with my parents, submitted the form and everything. They went to the parents evening and every subject teacher, including the one for the subject I was taking instead, had been told to (and did) tell them that I had to do Latin. Bloody minor public schools.

  6. That wasn’t the mayor, that was the cop who accompanies Pecker when he busts the Ghostbusters HQ…

    /is a GB pedant

  7. sod ’em bella.Its your blog.Until you break the T&C of your host,you say what you want in the way you want to say it.
    I was a labour voter,I’m ashamed to say I cried with joy in 97 when the Tories were ousted.I didn’t realise NuLab would evolve into a kind of Stazi on steroids.Never again.
    I’m leaning towards LPUK thanks to the likes of DK and Leggy;I’d rather have honest opinions peppered with bad language than a sickening smile spouting lies & tractor stats.
    From little acorns..

  8. I’m with Northern Smoker on this one. I’m also leaning more to LPUK and will never again believe the lies of smiling janus faced politicians. Keep on blogging and fuck the trolls.

  9. If Latin was displaced by the mostly European languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portugeuse and then Latin died out, then in the upcoming era can we expect to see the current languages fade out and be displaced by something more loosely structured such as Blogo-speak or Electro-speak, which may not be speech at all but thoughts of images transmitted from the rulers to the people by way of those new microchip implant devices being test marketed in some US areas. If English (and others) displaced Latin as a new age arrived, with this age arriving now, we may all end up being told to think in Blogo any day soon and it becomes impressed on our children from day one so they grow up with no other alternative but the electronic messaging and control system become language. Oh will that not be a glory, once this transpires – I can hardly wait as my grandchildren beckon me to hurry the day.

  10. This is all well and good but it won’t save the lives of millions of registered voters.

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