Jun 302009

What the fucking fuck (emphasis mine):

He said the cards will now only be issued to Britons on a voluntary basis meaning no one will ever be forced to have one, effectively paving the way for the scheme to be scrapped altogether.

Mr Johnson even admitted the suggestion the cards would help combat terrorism was exaggerated as he accepted the Government should never have allowed “the perception to go around that they were a panacea for terrorism”.

It will remain compulsory for foreign nationals staying the UK long term to have an ID cards but Britons will only have one now if they request it.

Cheers, y’all. Rejoice in your newfound freedom from this travesty. I’ll just sit quietly over here in the corner, PAYING FOR YOUR FUCKING STATE, and wait my turn to be branded.

  6 Responses to “Immigration, some more”

  1. It is the underlying database, rather than the cards themselves that has always been my main concern. I believe that this database is also used by the passport office and that this has been used to hide some of the costs of the ID cards, hence the massive increase in the cost of a passport. This means that they will already have the details of most citizens on the system, even if we are not obliged to carry the cards.

  2. Relax you won’t be branded or tattoo’d; Chipping is just so much more modern, and it’s been trialed on pets for years.

  3. I thought the evil nuLabour state was throwing you out anyway – or have you claimed that you will suffer religious persecution (as recommended ) and everything is now okay-ish?

  4. […] to say that you would make identity cards ‘wholly voluntary’ is a big fat fucking lie, as I pointed out a few days ago: It will remain compulsory for foreign nationals staying the UK long term to have an ID cards but […]

  5. You’re probably right. That, or the government has truly begun to realise that it can happily get away with charging for services that tax revenue is already supposed to have paid for. The only difference between ‘administration fees’ here and ‘bribes’ abroad is the nomenclature – and the fact that the government here has absolutely zero shame about it.

  6. @ Surreptitious Evil – I’m not sure claiming religious persecution would work, unless I was a member of my own, tiny, self-invented Church of Jesus Christ teh Awesome or something. They are, theoretically, throwing me out, but I’m trying my damnedest not to go without a fight. And I’m still paying my taxes!

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