Jan 112012

Seriously, 3 identical ads on one web page. Spring CM, what do you want from me?

Spring CM is stalking me. Seriously.

  3 Responses to “I am being stalked”

  1. Ive noticed this, If you visit a website that sells something, ie John lewis or DFS then all the ads you see for a certain time afterwards are for that company Ad nauseam. Pressure selling by internet ad campaign.

  2. AdBlock Plus, it just makes sense.

  3. I’ve got AdBlock Plus. It helps, but can’t stop emails.
    Echoing Henry North’s post – for a short time I looked on Amazon for small flatscreen tvs with built-in DVD player. (some DVDs won’t play on my computer).
    I seemed to get an email a day for a while, though it’s now dropped to once a week, pushing all manner of flatscreen tvs and monitors.

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