de auctore


‘Ovid? Ovaries?…Worth reading though’
Tim Worstall

‘stroppy cow’
Obnoxio the Clown

Bella is a classicist, historian, teacher, immigrant and whinger, who has now achieved notoriety by marrying swearblogger the Devil’s Kitchen.

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  1. Seems a great blog, so there’s another bookmark added.

    …but seriously, what does the Latin stuff at the top, as well as your name mean? I’ve been searching everywhere on free online translators.

  2. You’re welcome.
    Bit uncomfortable with the high level of swearing, but then again it is a rant after all.

    Waging wars? Against Gordon?

  3. Great blog, happy to blogroll you. Great take on the Monty Don is a moron shit. Thanks

  4. I was browsing the Devil’s Kitchen when I came across DK’s, in my view, justified rant about your enforced ejection from the UK. The whole thing is so unfair. This afternoon I recalled leaving a comment on your post which mentioned TASIS. This is an American school located SW of London, near Egham, which teaches according to the American curriculum.

    They seem to have a vacancy in the Middle School:

    Whether English is your speciality, you could teach it at Middle School level. Believe me, I saw some of the kids’ papers: I know the former teacher who took the English/Journalism courses. She didn’t like it there, and from what she told me neither would I, but if you are desperate to stay in the UK and all else fails this might be a possibility. The school was very helpful in the matter of visas and whatnot, and she was on course to acquiring UK citizenship at the time she departed (and went back to America). They pay pretty well, and accommodation is provided. Just a thought: it would not have done to have kept it to myself.

  5. Dennis, that is so very thoughtful! I shall look into it further.

  6. Just bookmarked your blog.

    Thank you for your efforts.

  7. Woo! My sis is a minor celebrity! Give those British politicians hell!

  8. Thanks!

    ‘bella gerens’ means ‘waging wars.’ And the whole line means, ‘And so you see me active, waging wars.’

  9. Just waging wars in general. Sweary moods come and go.

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